Ten Internet Marketing Hacks That Actually Work

Internet Marketing Hacks that Really Work

Internet Marketers are fond of saying that content is king. That’s true. I have written about that on other pages. You should read that. Once you have visitors, you want to get the most out of that traffic. Here’s how. Today, I am going to talk about a few of the lesser known ways to get the most out of your visitors – the internet marketing hacks.

Internet marketing is the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales. Internet marketing hacks are the tools and tricks to multiply the effectiveness of your website visitors.

There are some really cool hacks you can use to make your content more effective at attracting traffic and then turning that traffic in to income for you. Here are my favorite internet marketing hacks that actually worked. To start with, we are assuming that you already have a complete website and that you already have website traffic. If not, go read how to do those things first.

One – Exact Phrase Hack

This is a brilliant hack and it’s very effective. When you record a podcast or YouTube video that you want to link to a post, instead of giving out a shortlink or prettylink that will take people directly to the post, tell them to google the exact name of the post.

This is much more effective if your post is unique enough that it will show up on page 1 of Google for that exact search term. So verify that first. If you have to, ask them to add the name of your site to the end of the search term.

When this happens, Google gets the message that your page answers the googler’s question. This is particularly effective when you are trying to rank for a very competitive keyword. Say the best you can rank for is in the top ten of page one. Now when you send someone to google those key words and you tell them they are looking for the page from incomewebsiteschool.com, they will look down the list and skip over the first and second pages to find the one they want.

What this does is signal to Google that people that search that phrase really want your article because a bunch of people have searched that exact phrase, and chose your article, and then not immediately bounce. We’ve seen this boost a post up on Google rankings really quickly, even for less specific search phrases.

Two – Redirect Page Hack

This works well with the Exact Phrase Hack above. Longer page and post titles are recommended because they are “long-tail” and because they accurately describe the content of your page, but also because you can be clever with the phrases to make them interesting. “… that really work” is a good phrase because it implies a slight naughtyness and generates interest.

There are several page title redirect plugins that will do this. I like redirection. Prettylinks works, and so do others. As with all plugins, check to see how many users there are, and what the reviews say, and then also has it been tested with the current version of WordPress? Then add plugins one at a time to make sure everythings works well.

Take the long or full name of your page or post, and select two or three key words that have the same meaning, and use these for the shorter title version. This way people can remember the shorter version of the title.

Three – Check the price on Amazon Hack

We really don’t like posts that look like stores. When your post just looks like a big advertisement for a product and then has a big button like this

“Buy this HERE!”

When you’re a beginner at making websites and pages, it’s tempting to learn how to make buttons and sometimes we go overboard with it. The result is that the website looks cheap and makes your site feel spammy. Resist the temptation to look too polished. Instead, build some rapport and trust with your visitors. Talk with them directly. Most people are looking for helpful information that feels trustworthy. And spammy looking sites don’t feel very trustworthy

That’s why i stick with the simple approach of using a basic text link to send people to affiliate products. Plus, I make that link non-threatening. Instead of something like “Buy it here” I write it as an invitation. “Click here to see the pricing on Amazon.”

This makes the links much more effective. And if you can get people to click on the link, you get the cookie in their browser and if they buy anythign on Amazon, the commission is yours!

Four – Hidden Party Coupon Hack

This is a fun one that I’ve used thousands of times.

Sales drive traffic to your website. J. C. Penney’s CEO proved this in the infamous non-marketing experiment. Officially, it is illegal to mark up prices and then reduce the price with sales, but everyone does it to some extent. But, when your regular customers get to your checkout page and they see “Coupon Code” they feel cheated. You don’t want that. What to do? Give them one!

When customers see that “coupon code” field, they feel cheated when they don’t have a coupon code. Often they will go searching in Google for a coupon code. You’ve probably done it. I know I have. And if they can’t find one, they might even think twice about making a purchase.

So what I do is make a special page for that purpose. That page is not linked. It’s a web page that nobody will find unless they actually go looking for it. Only Google knows where this page is located. When they search specifically for this page, they find find it! Add a big image of balloons and confetti and large print that says “You Found It!”.

Then show them a coupon code that’ll give them a discount. I am happy to give them a discount because they searched specifically for this page. For those customers that go searching, it makes their day. (More about discounts later.)

Five – Abandoned Cart Hack

Abandoned shopping carts are a real problem with online sales. In the physical world, not many people load up their shopping cart at a grocery store and then walk out. But that’s exactly what a lot of customers do online. There are many theories. Some feel that your visitors are just “window shopping”. Others feel they do this, because up to that point, they are anonymous. Regardless of the theories, here is what you can do about it.

If you have a product on your website, whether it’s physical, digital, or some sort of subscription, you can boost your conversion rate really easily with this one hack.

How this works is first, customers add your product to their cart. But then, for one reason or another they decide to leave. Maybe they’re having second thoughts. Maybe it’s not a good time. Either way, in most cases it’s not likely that they’re coming back. So what I do is make them an offer. “Hey customer dude! Would it make a difference if I offered you 20% off?”

I’ve used this tactic on some products and it has boosted sales on those products 10%.

A great tool for setting this up on your site is SendOwl. I’ve been using SendOwl as the shopping cart and checkout tool for all of my digital products for some time now and I’ve been really pleased with not only the cool “abandoned cart” functionality, but also the simple and quick check out process. Having a good tool for that has a big impact on converting sales.

Six – Just in Time Webinars Hack

Webinars can be very efficient because you get to make only one presentation for a big audience and because of that, they can be very profitable. This makes webinars a really effective way to connect with your audience, grow your audience, and convert your audience into customers

But webinars are notoriously difficult to get people to attend. You schedule them out, let your audience know they’re coming, get them to register, and then only 3 people show up.

That is so frustrating!

So how do you get better attendance?

Just in time webinars. Automated webinar software like EverWebinar allows you to record a webinar ahead of time and then set it up so that when someone arrives on the webinar page, is says “This webinar starts in 3 minutes” with a countdown timer. People are way more likely to attend a webinar if it’s about to start.

Webinars are really effective because they feel more interactive. And even though these webinars are pre-recorded, the software makes it feel more intimate than a pre-recorded YouTube video. EverWebinar offers a 60-day free trial.

You can click here for a free 60-day trial of EverWebinar.

Seven – ActiveCampaign Marketing Hack

Be smarter about your email marketing. With today’s technology and analytics, smart marketing is not only possible, it’s also cost effective. We strongly recommend ActiveCampaign for email marketing if you want to do this sort of smart, targeted marketing campaign.

Here’s how it works.

When someone signs up for your email newsletter, ActiveCampaign collects not just their email address, but their IP address too. This allows ActiveCampaign to track where that user goes on your website. Then, you can set certain user actions that will trigger ActiveCampaign to send out a specific email or offer.

For example, let’s say you have a fishing website. You have content about bass fishing, saltwater fishing, salmon fishing, and so on. Well, if you just created a new bass fishing course and want to let your audience know, those people who only read about saltwater fishing on your site aren’t going to care. And if they get an email promoting that new course, they’re going to question whether or not your newsletter is a good fit for them.

But since ActiveCampaign can keep track of where users go on your site, you can have that email sent only to your audience members who have visited pages about bass fishing.

This also allows you to target newsletters to customers based on their activities. You can even integrate it with course software and send reminders out to participants who haven’t logged in for a while.

When you’re capturing this kind of data and you’re using a tool with such robust capabilities, the opportunities for targeted marketing are endless.

Eight – Deadline Funnel Hack

The deadline funnel hack is a lot like the just in time webinar, except for product sales. If you have heard about sales funnels or click funnels, this works on the same principle. And it’s easy for you to begin.

Sometimes you only want a product to be available for sale for a limited time. Or maybe you’re offering a discount but only for a limited time. That’s a great technique for pushing more sales because it adds urgency to the decision. The problem is that offering products or sales for short durations makes those offerings visible to only a small number of people.

That’s where deadline funnel comes in.

Deadline funnel allows you to make products or sales available only for a limited time, starting when that customer arrives on the sales page. The urgency is there, but your sale gets to be seen by way more people. They only get 48 hours, or whatever time frame you set. Deadline funnel keeps track of when they arrived and makes that countdown active for that specific user.

You can check out Deadline Funnel here.

Nine – Upsell Hack

“Do you want some fries with that?” Every Fast Food Worker is trained to say that on every order. Businesses have been using the upsell technique for ages. Why? Because it works.

Customers that are interested in your main product are likely to be interested on add-on products if they go well together. And while that’s true for fries and soft drinks, it’s also true for digital products.

Here are some of our top tips for a successful upsell. The add-on product should be priced no more than half the price of the original product. If I’m spending $50, $7 more doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Use a good tool that does upselling right. We use SendOwl for selling all of our digital products.
SendOwl keeps the checkout process really simple. Just enter payment info and you’re done.

On the Upsell, SendOwl makes the offer after processing the first sale. This solidifies the first sale before the upsell, which can turn some customers away from the original sale.

SendOwl also processes the second order without making the customer re-enter their payment info. Super simple, super fast.

The upsell is really effective if your audience is really transactional. That is, this person is going to buy the product now but you may never hear from them again. But if you have a really strong community or a loyal audience, then the upsell isn’t as important. If your followers are likely to buy multiple products from you anyway, then getting a small upsell right now isn’t as valuable as maintaining your loyal customer base.

Ten – Added Value Hack

Here is where I suggest that you replace discounts with added value. Yes, people ask for discounts, and we all have budgets. What this does on a subtle level is tell your customers that your product or service has less value. They paid less, so it must not be worth full price.

What if, instead of offering a discount, you offered something not your product or service. What else can you offer if it’s not a discount, you ask. There are several offers that have been used very effectively by many businesses.

Ten.One – Extra Value

Extra value. What if you offered them an extra item? This is similar to cross-promotion with a little difference. Suppose if your customer upgraded their order, you would give them access to the best customers club. What this is would be defined by you. It can be a special email list that offers first notices about new products.

Something else you can offer is your best customers club (whatever you want to call it) could also be a place where you can ask surveys about your business or polls about what to offer. Someone might really want to be treated specially, and they actually paid you more, not less, for this privilege.

Ten.Two – Cross-Promotions

Cross-promotions. Suppose you cross-promoted with another company? If you sold painted canvas art,for example, and you really wanted to make the sale, you could have a one-day-only coupon for that size frame from your friend at the frame shop! Online, you can do something similar by offering a limited time coupon complimentary to your item for sale.

Ideally your friend at the other shop could cross-promote your products or services. This way both of you is gaining a new potential customer. You can discount the cost of your offering as a way to gain a new customer and totally justifiable.


Eleven – Email Subscription Hack

When your visitors sign up for your email, they often get a simple “Subscription Confirmed” That first email is usually wasted. This first email is your chance to connect and convert.

So do it!

Instead of a subject line that says “Subscription Confirmed” have it say something like “Subscription Confirmed. Here’s the coupon I promised!” The odds that they’re going to open this email go way up when they hear about a coupon. And then the odds of them making a purchase go way up too.

This is really effective when I truthfully tell my subscribers that this is the only discount or offer like this they will ever get for this product. Then, I make it a really valuable coupon.

And that’s it! These hacks that have been tried and tested. They’ve helped me boost traffic to my site and convert more sales than just having stellar content alone. Just remember, no hack is a good replacement for solid, helpful content. Remember that content is king, and you should always start there. None of these hacks will work if you don’t have good content. So start there. Then use these hacks to get your content and your products in front of more people.

I recommend that you work on one of these Hacks at a time. Get it installed, get it working, and then move on to the next one. Too many times I take on too much and don’t finish what I started. I have seen that with my students, too – a lot! Get better organized and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

If you are like me, you are easily distracted. One way to do this is to keep a yellow pad beside your laptop. Make a list (on paper, not digital) of the things that need to be done, then prioritize this list, and work on the top priority until it is done.

If this takes longer than you expected, consider delegating this (or part of this) task. You can also break it up into smaller parts. The point is to stay focused on the task at hand and finish it. When you are done, draw a line through the task and reward yourself. (There is something satisfying about actually drawing a line through the task.)

Then tackle the next one on your list.