It’s a great feeling to wake up to money added to your bank account. I have a step-by-step system to a profitable website, that does your work for you, never asks for a raise, and works while you sleep. You can easily do this in your spare time. This is a work-at-home, job you can do part-time or full-time. This is not get-rich-quick, it will take effort and patience to see results.

Affiliate marketing is what makes eCommerce work. Suppliers have products and describe them with features. Customers have problems and are looking for solutions. Affiliate marketers typically receive a commission by making web pages that solve customers’ problems with recommended products.

This requires a knowledge of both the products and the customers. Often this means researching many products or interviewing experts. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is not a product but a technique or process.

This work is based on trust. The customer must feel that someone understands their problem, has the necessary experience, either by using many products, long background in their field, or interviewing experts. This means real work. Simply suggesting products for the commission will result in a loss of customer trust.

Sometimes it’s magic

On the other hand, when an affiliate marketer does have this experience, and can clearly communicate this in a friendly, helpful and non-pushy manner, they customer is likely to take their recommendation and a sale is made.

The magic happens when you have a website and have design your web page so it does this perfectly, over and over again. Making a sale each time, while you sleep, spend time with your loved ones, and long after you did the work. This means that you did the work once, and got paid again and again and again…

How do you become an affiliate marketer?

In my personal experience, the thing that stops most people is the technology. They may have some skills in writing, but they lack the means to turn it into a web page. They may feel too old or too inexperienced. They don’t know how to make a website, or they don’t have the confidence in how to begin. I can understand how they feel.

In my case, I began web work because I had no choice. I had been a self-employed photographer. (I am dating myself here, the year was 2003, and my career in photography was coming to a close.) Now people didn’t want to pay someone for taking their photos for them. They took their own photos. It didn’t matter that their digital images had no ‘quality’. They did it themselves and shared it with their friends by email. That was good enough. Besides, the professional digital cameras were clunky, poor resolution and expensive.

A little background

I had studied Graphic Design and printing technology in college. I have (or like to think I have) a sense of design and photographic composition. I bought a Mac laptop and began by scanning my award-winning photos into digital files and making a website for my photography studio. Then I made a website for my wife, Judi. Soon I was making websites for other projects. In those days, I did all the coding of HTML by hand, and it took all day to make one good web page! Every day, it seemed, there was a new tool and a better way to do the things we had just finished.

Every day, I would build pages similar to what I had built the day before. I saved snippets, which made the work go faster, but I longed for a core software program that I could build around. WordPress was launched around the same time and it did some things well. But in those days, it looked terrible and updated every week.

Later, Twitter would launch Bootstrap, which was a mobile-first system of HTML. This solved many mobile design problems but wasn’t dynamic. WordPress was dynamic but not mobile-friendly and slow.