I count words in the blog articles and I count letters in the titles for those articles. For this I use this tool. Actually, if you look closely, this is two different websites that look very similar. Notice when you switch from LetterCount to CountOfWords. This is a free service. I visit this page several times each day when I am writing.

Who knows what people are searching? The search engines! Google keeps track of what questions people are asking and makes that available here. This is a good resource to find if PaintBall is going up or down (down). It’s also a good place to check the seasonality of your niche. If you are building a website for a niche that only gets traffic during part of the year, you need to plan for the downtime. This is a free service.
Google Trends

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When you are ready to upgrade your WordPress Hosting. WP Engine has a stellar service. WP Engine

This is a very interesting tool from Google. Just enter the word ‘site’ and a colon ‘:’ into the Google address bar with a domain name, like this ‘’. and you get the pages of that website.