Our School Offers Private Coaching for Income Website Owners
Our School Offers Private Coaching for Income Website Owners

Randy offers private coaching sessions to those who would like an extra set of eyes on their website. Coaching calls are done live over Zoom, Messenger, Skype or Facetime and can cover any topic you’d like.

The purpose of a private coaching call is to get expert advice from Randy specifically tailored to YOUR site and how you can get the fastest results. While anyone can purchase a coaching call, most people would get more out of their money by becoming a Income Website School member and learning my website strategy from the ground up. Private coaching really only makes sense where you need consulting to tailor the general information to YOUR site and YOUR niche.

Note from Randy:
I take coaching calls pretty seriously. I recognize this is an expensive service, and that people only buy it if they are in real need of getting some help for their online business. I have personally purchased private coaching calls with other well-known bloggers and have been VERY disappointed in the experience, so I am 100% committed to guaranteeing that NEVER happens at Income School. You can expect that we’ll be prompt, I will have done my research into your site BEFORE the call so I don’t waste any of your time, and we’ll have helpful and actionable information.

I don’t sugar coat things on private coaching calls. If your site looks like it was made in 1995, I’m gonna say so. If you’re super awkward in your Youtube videos and that’s what I think is holding your marketing back, I’m gonna say so. I’d never be rude, but you’re paying for a premium service because you need to get results, and I’ll say what needs to be said to make sure you GET the results.

What Happens After I Purchase?

You’ll immediately download a survey that you can fill out and send to us. The survey simply asks for details about your website (or site idea if you haven’t started), about you, and the questions you have that you’d like me to answer for you. If you don’t have specific questions but just want me to provide an in-depth site review, that’s perfectly fine.

After you fill out the survey (5 minutes), you’ll email it to me. In the survey, you’ll suggest times when you’re available for the call. I’ll respond to your email as soon as I can to confirm which of those times works for me and then you be ready for the call. I don’t like keeping people waiting, so I’ll do my best to schedule the call quickly.

What Is a Coaching Call Like?

Before your call, you’ll fill out a survey with information about you, your site, and what you’re wanting to learn from the coaching call. I will read the information before the call and will be fully up to speed before the call. I’ll start the coaching session by asking any follow-up questions I had from the information you submitted, and then dive into your questions.

Many of my private coaching clients don’t have any specific problems they are dealing with, but just really want an expert’s look at their site to give feedback on the content, the monetization, design, and all other aspects of the site. This is perfectly fine. If you just want an in-depth website review, a private coaching call is the perfect place to get that done.