Affiliate Marketing

Hi! I’m at a coffee shop in beautiful Danang, Vietnam. I’m an affiliate marketer, and I get to travel at much as I want because my income comes from online business.

Affiliate Marketing is commission-based online marketing. Affiliate Marketers attract consumers to a website by anticipating consumer questions and referring them to the suppliers’ website with an affiliate hyperlink. The supplier tracks the source of visitors through this link and rewards the affiliate marketers with commissions.

Several years ago, I retired without a reasonable income. And, this is my story of what I did to fix that. If you are a single mom, or you are retired, or you just discovered that you don’t have enough savings to live on, then listen up. I think this is where you could do what I do and you sill be set for a reasonable period.

Of course, there is no guarantee. I can’t tell you what you’re going to do and I can’t tell you what the future will be and I certainly can’t tell you what the Internet will do in the next two minutes!

This is what I did. I make really good money and (I think) you can too. It’s called affiliate marketing. Here’s the basics. Suppliers and manufacturers have products and they list them with features. Consumers are looking for benefits to solve their problems. You can create a bridge between these two worlds, and get paid for it.

The way you do that is with an affiliate link that you get from the manufacturer or supplier. It’s called affiliate marketing or using a affiliate links. And basically this says they will store a cookie or some other device that tells them when somebody has made a sale by clicking on your link. That brings me to the second part. For this, you need a website.

To make money with affiliate marketing you need a website

Now you probably are thinking ‘wait a minute’ that’s way too techie for me. I’m an old dog and I’m not learning new tricks. Well, look at me. I’m an ‘old dog’ and as of today, I am sixty nine years old. And, I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last few years, doing nothing – well, almost nothing.

I built a website in 2015, that started to pay me in 2016. And, first it paid me a little bit, then a little more and then a little more. Pretty soon, I had made a thousand dollars. Then I was making a thousand dollars a month, and then I was making a thousand dollars per week, on average. And, that is an income. And – pardon my expression – that’s a hell of a lot better than the social security that I started with.

So, the way to get into Google and the say to get started with affiliate marketing, is with a website. And the fastest way to get a website is with Bytique website builder. It asks you just two questions – what is your business category?, and what is your business name?

So, head on over to bytique dot com where you can get a free account. The website builder is, I think, less than ten dollars (I think its only $9.70), and it might even be on promotion pricing, which might be less. Get started by practicing with bytique website builder. When you understand bytique, you can add pages, you can add sections, you can add HTML.

You can add contact form and photo slider and photo gallery and all kinds of things to your website to customize it the way you want it to be and to do the things you want it to do. You can change many, many things, and I can show you online how we do that. You can be online in less than five minutes.

By default, it uses a subdomain (to be published quicker) which makes your web address (or something like that). But you can register your own domain name, which is the business name of your business, which would be something like with the Internet Domain Registry for about $10.

Once you do that, it replaces the subdomain and becomes your website address automatically. And, that means when people go to, they are going to your new website! It’s as simple as that. It’s very good, very fast, and very easy.

So, by now you are probably thinking, what’s the catch? There really isn’t a catch. There is learning curve. There are ways to do this that are working very well for many, many people. I have always thought it was only good for someone else until it started working for me.

I have real experience with this.

I will show you my bank account with real income over the past several years, and I will graph it for you if you like so we can really see what the is the real potential of this business. I will open up the PDFs from my bank and show you real income from this business.

There are lots of guys who advertise online and say ‘I have a Lamborghini and a million dollar watch, and a home in Beverly Hills and you ought to listen to me’. I say to those guys, and I will say to you: ‘that is great for them and it works for them. More power to you.’

But. That’s too big a gap from the beginning to a racehorse or a Lamborghini. If you haven’t made money online, you need to start with some baby steps. There are plenty of ways to make mistakes with online marketing and affiliate marketing. (I can tell you from personal experience that making big mistakes at the beginning can be very expensive.) And, in the early years, I made a bunch of them. So did many other people. It’s worth listening to the people who have some experience with this business.

And, I really have enough income that I’m not interested in selling you anything. You can choose what you want. You can listen to my stuff. You can listen again and again. You can listen to other videos and listen to other people. There are some really smart people in this business and I can point out who I think is really smart.

And, if you want to follow them and buy their product, that’s fine with me, too. If you want to buy something that I recommend, ok. But really, there’s no push, no pull. I simply want to share what has worked so well for me and why this is working so well. And, what I have learned.

So, check it out. You can create a free account. If you want to spend ten dollars, you can play with bytique. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. There’s 24 hour phone hotline support in English, and there’s dozens – scores – of help docs, with photos step-by-step. You can fix small mistakes, and if you make a big mistake, you can roll back to an earlier version backup of what you made.

And, if you really, really, really don’t like it and make a big mistake, you can start over. You can even choose a different category, you can choose a different business name, and more. You can’t make a mistake because you can start over completely from scratch.

There are a few things – tips and tricks – that will make building with bytique easier, better and quicker and I can show you those, too. In the next video, we’ll go over some screen shots and tutorials, and I’ll show you step by step how we do this.

So, Thanks for watching. And, I’ll see you on the inside.

Bye bye.